About Me

Hi! I’m Dawn and, I am a former nonprofit Director of Development (DoD). In the course of my work as a DoD, I was tasked with grant writing, drafting annual reports, developing complex government proposals, and myriad tasks involving writing, editing, and proofreading. After 20-plus years of doing this work, I discovered that I have an eagle eye and a knack for spotting text errors.

I love to read and can easily get lost in a good story. The only thing that will pull me out of a story is an error. Be it grammatical or a typo, my brain immediately sees it and, my reading comes to a screeching halt. This love of reading, coupled with my ability to read each word, makes copy-editing and proofreading my ideal profession.

Throughout my career, I’ve written, edited, and proofread many documents. I’m most proud of the times I’ve assisted my clients with professional bios, college essays, grant proposals, or personal statements. I helped them organize their thoughts and put forth their best effort leading to successful grades, a dream job, or being accepted into an academic program. These are the moments I strive for with every client.

I call editing and proofreading my win-win career. I get to use my innate talent and, my clients get professional and polished documents. I look forward to helping you reach your writing goals. Reach out to me here to connect!


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